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Knights Temporal #1 – Review
Knights Temporal #1 – Review

Knights Temporal #1 – Review

AfterShock Comics
Cullen Bunn
Fran Galán

In modern society we have a place for sword and sorcery; high fantasy adventure has moved from the world of children’s fairy tales to some of the greatest works of fiction our world has ever seen. The problem we run into with these stories in our “modern society” is that point when high fantasy adventure steps out of the world of fairy and into the blind spot of life. An evil sorcerer. A knight with a quest. A stranger with an offer. Maybe a little time travel?

That’s what we find in the newest comic written by Cullen Bunn – 20 pages of WTF following Auguste de Rivière (now August) and his companion Jane Fool. The whole thing begins with Auguste tearing into the woods after an evil sorcerer called Gaspard. The forest is a dark area – as these things often are – surrounded by fear and suspicion.

It is in this forest that we meet Jane, an enigmatic character that injects herself into the chase and leads Auguste to the two most beautiful pages of the book. Leaving behind the safety of his world our protagonist follows into a land of danger and oddities without precedent: Miami. Or maybe San Diego. Probably Miami.

The point is our displaced duo has jumped from then to now and continues the hunt for evil. Their homes left behind, Auguste and Jane find themselves traveling through time to capture the sorcerer Gaspard. The artistic transition is as disorienting and jarring for the reader as the experience would be for our adventurers. The excitement races through the finish that left me with an audible “WHAAA–?!” that scared my dog from his nap.

Fran Galán brings true magic to the pages with his artwork. If you were ever to judge a book by its cover, Knights Temporal is the one! From the murk and gloom of the first page, to the breathtaking view in the forest, to the final words of the issue, Fran delivers us a visual treat.

As big of a fan of lettering as I am, I do not talk about it much in reviews. Dave Sharpe really had fun with his job on this book and it definitely shows. The purple lettering peppered in throughout the story help to reinforce that this isn’t normal. That something magical is in the air.

Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things. But I do! Knights Temporal is a gorgeous chase of fantasy through mundanity that delivers both! Follow along in this new title from AfterShock Comics!

SCORE: 9/10

Knights Temporal #1 releases Wednesday, July 31st, 2019!

Originally published on the Multiverse website on January 8th, 2019.

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