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Harvey Moreno
About Harvey

About Harvey

Harvey Moreno is a writer and cartoonist living in Fort Worth, Texas. A purveyor of pop-culture, Harvey delivers comics to amazing friends and customers throughout the DFW metroplex when he is not working on his own projects. Sometimes you just need some windshield time, y’know?

Currently, Harvey is ramping up a webcomic with his partner Derrick Utz called Balastar and Greg. Harvey does the writing, inking, lettering, & coloring, while Derrick Utz does the heavy lifting: PENCILS! Seriously, he’s amazing! The first comic goes live on January 1st, 2021.

You can read weekly rants from Harvey as he reviews comic books for Kabooooom! That’s right, Five O’s, No Apologies.

Harvey tries to enjoy weekly games of Magic: The Gathering as well as bi-weekly sessions of Dungeons and Dragons. Always the Dungeon Master, he somehow found himself running a game from version 3.5. Wish him luck!