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KIDZ #1 – Review
KIDZ #1 – Review

KIDZ #1 – Review

Kidz #1
WRITER: Aurélien Ducoudray
ARTIST: Jocelyn Joret
COVER: Esdras Cristobal

It’s the end of the world as they know it, and these KIDZ are fine! Or so they would have you believe. An undisclosed event has turned most of the world into one of three categories: living, dead, and food. When the zombies have devoured most everyone else, they themselves begin to die off. So what’s a group of preteens to do but grab a video camera and the nearest bludgeoning device to catalogue their “civil services.”

Taking a cue from Zombieland, the KIDZ develop their own system of rules for surviving the undead onslaught. Be afraid of the dark. Make sure the dead is dead. Use your head! But life happens between the rules and they need to learn to work together, trust one another, and piece through the broken pieces of their hearts following their individual losses. 

The KIDZ have a full arsenal at their disposal: baseball bats, hockey sticks, crossbows, machetes, and even power drills, but will any of them be useful against their newest danger: GIRLS?!

Aurélien Ducoudray crawls into the fragile mind of these unsupervised children and focuses their insecurities through the lense of Jocelyn Joret’s distressed strokes of adolescent imagery. While the artwork conveys a childish charm, this book is absolutely NOT for children! Ducoudray’s characters resonate with the 10-year-old buried deep inside of me that loved to cuss simply for the sake of saying a bad word! It is a masterful mind that knows the subtle difference between adolescent swearing and overt profanity. It is with guilty grin that we get to enjoy the former.

KIDZ lives out the fantasy of every zombie-loving adolescent and reminds us that your best dream just may be a nightmare come true. Ablaze’s mantra of “quality first” is exemplified in this pilot of what is sure to be a hit! If variant are your game, check out the 80’s nostalgia they put out with a Ghostbusters and Goonies homage covers. This is the same publisher that brought you such hits as Vampire State Building, Un/Sacred, and Gung-Ho!

SCORE: 9/10

KIDZ #1 releases Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020!

Originally published on the Multiverse website on January 22, 2020.

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