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Black Cat (2020) #1 – Review
Black Cat (2020) #1 – Review

Black Cat (2020) #1 – Review

Black Cat #1
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
WRITER: Jed MacKay
ART: C.F. Villa
COLORS: Brian Reber
COVER: Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia
LETTERER: Ferran Delgado

When it comes to writing these reviews I’ve got one rule: no spoilers. I don’t even like to go “Spoiler Alert” and then do it. You need to read the story and decide for yourself if you enjoyed it. Today I am going to break my rule. Are you ready? If not, then jus- WE ARE GOING TO  STEAL THE SPIDER-BUGGY!

Whew. Got that out of my system. Yes, it was necessary because this story is off the rails. It’s a fricken heist book! This isn’t just a book about Black Cat looking for her next score. This is a slow-roll build-up to an Ocean’s Nine Lives story that would even tickle Brian Koppelman. What begins as a heist in progress over Spidey’s beloved buggy rapidly escalates into a full-blown alien invasion in the middle of Manhattan. Felicia finds herself amidst the ranks of Captain America, Dr. Strange, a handful of Avengers, and the X-Men as they battle an onslaught of symbiote dragons all in service of the symbiote god Knull.

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