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Ice Cream Man #22 – Review
Ice Cream Man #22 – Review

Ice Cream Man #22 – Review

Ice Cream Man #22
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ART: Martín Morazzo
COLORS: Chris O’Halloran
COVER: Morazzo & O’Halloran
LETTERER: Good Old Neon

‘Tis the season, nerds, and the Ice Cream Man wants to help you celebrate! Whatever your culture or upbringing, we all eventually choose what we will – or will not – celebrate during the latter months. Bound to tradition and family, the choice often seems to be made for us. At least, that’s the dilemma Julie faces as she passes through this year’s holiday season. 

Our tale begins on November 30th as Julie’s parents are preparing their home for Christmas. Dad is complaining about trying to decorate the tree, Mom is trolling him with a song about the Grinch, and Julie is examining the family advent calendar with concerned contemplation. Just a typical American family setting up for the holidays. Sure sounds like my house!

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Originally published on the Kabooooom website on December 27th, 2020.




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